Bruker is one of the world’s leading analytical instrumentation companies that is driven by a single goal which is to provide the best technological solution for each analytical task.  As its mission statement says, “Innovation with Integrity”, Bruker promotes an open and creative environment to encourage innovation and technological advancement in the fields of molecular research, life science, industrial, and pharmaceutical.

Today, Bruker continues to build upon its wide range of solutions, its large base of installed systems, and its strong reputation among its customers worldwide. In the Philippines, Molave Trading, Inc. is the partner of two of Bruker’s divisions, namely Bruker AXS and Bruker Biospin. Bruker AXS (Advanced X-Ray Solutions) is the leading developer and manufacturer of analytical X-ray instruments used in elemental analysis and materials research, covering a broad range of applications in chemistry, petrochemistry, pharmaceuticals, metals and steel, semiconductor, cement, minerals and mining, automotive, forensics, environmental, art and conservation, nanotechnology and life sciences. On the other hand, Bruker BioSpin is the market leader in magnetic resonance spectroscopy instruments including NMR, EPR, and preclinical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Below is the list of Bruker product lines that are distributed by Molave Trading, Inc.

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