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Faster Control, Improved Dynamic Range and Greater Flexibility and Scalability.
The AVANCE NEO is based on a ‘transceive’ principle, meaning each NMR channel has both transmit and receive capabilities. So each channel is its own independent spectrometer with the full RF generation, transmission and receive infrastructure. This architecture provides the greatest flexibility in terms of instrument configuration and multi-channel operation. Multi-receive experiments are easily implemented with this new approach.
Also new in the AVANCE NEO is the concept of an embedded acquisition server and an associated client-server software architecture (TopSpin 4 and higher). This leaves  the spectrometer independent of the client computer, thus giving the user the opportunity to control the system via operating system and location of choice (as in principle one could control the system via the cloud).
With the frequency range now extended to beyond 1.2 GHz, and with various functional enhancements in setup, diagnostics, memory buffers etc, the AVANCE NEO is well positioned to serve as the research platform of choice for the current and the next generation of NMR spectroscopists.

Avance NEO