Everybody loves burgers. It is the harmonious relationship of two lightly toasted buns topped with roasted sesame seeds embracing a perfectly seared beef patty that’s rich brown on the outside and soft pink on the inside. Add to that a generous spread of mayonnaise, crisp lettuce and freshly sliced tomato. But the star of the show is the beef. It must be of top quality – with just the right amount of meat and fat to give it its juiciness, just the right amount of moisture and just the right amount of salt to give shape to its flavor.

The Foss FoodScan Meat Analyser helps your favorite burger joints produce the perfect beef patties for their burgers. Each patty is analyzed for its fat, moisture, protein, and salt content to make its shape, color, texture, and aroma consistent throughout wherever they may be served. So whether you’re eating a burger in Manila or in Davao, you can taste the same combination of textures and flavors that you gladly enjoy in your favorite burger.

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