Technical Support

Our Technical Solutions Group offers the following services:

Preventive Maintenance and Calibration

Preventive Maintenance and Calibration are services that ensure the optimal working condition of instruments. These lessen the likelihood of an equipment failure and unforeseen operational interruption.


Instruments may encounter problems, and most of the time it comes unexpectedly. In these situations, we make sure that our service engineers are well-equipped and ready to repair defects and replace broken parts.


Installation is always included in every instrument purchase. Some instruments may have special space or power requirements for optimal operation. In such cases, our engineers perform a site inspection to make sure all requirements are met.

Applications Support

Applications Support

Our dedicated product specialists and application scientists are trained to respond to your product-specific queries.


Product Support

Product Support

Product Presentations and Demonstrations

Gives customers more information about our products and how they can be used for their specific application. These can be scheduled with clients upon request.


Customer Training

Upon an instrument’s installation, our application specialists train the end-users on the operation, proper use, and care of the instrument on-site.

After-Sales Support

Technical Support

We provide continuous technical service and support to our customers.



We assist our customers when they experience application-related issues, either remotely or on-site.

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