Every step in the production process of industrial goods has to be regularly monitored to guarantee optimal production efficiency and high product quality. This practically requires modern techniques to achieve the extensive analytical requirements of heavy industries. For instance, in cement industries, chemical and mineralogical composition of raw and intermediate materials are determined to maintain a cost-effective process that produces final products with superior quality. Similarly, in mining industries, advanced analytical techniques are employed throughout the whole process, from exploring to refining earth minerals. For these applications, as well as in pharmaceuticals, petrochemical, food, materials research, metal production, art conservation, and others, Bruker has developed various dedicated analytical instruments to help customers with their challenging analytical tasks. 

Bruker’s X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometers are used for the elemental analysis of any kind of sample. Combined with highest accuracy and precision, this robust technology is already widely used in all kinds of industrial applications. In addition, Bruker’s X-Ray Diffractometers enable different industries to perform detailed analyses such as phase identification and crystal structure determination. Single Crystal X-Ray Diffractometers are also employed to provide detailed information about the relationship between material structures and functions which are important in the discovery of novel materials.

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