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Revolutionary sensitivity boost at affordable surcharge.
CryoProbe™ Prodigy is a new, revolutionary Bruker  CryoProbe ™ product that delivers tremendous boosts in sensitivity without exceeding the budget. Costing significantly less than a conventional cryo probe, the broadband cryogenic cooler CryoProbe™ Prodigy uses nitrogen-cooled RF coils and preamplifiers to deliver a sensitivity enhancement over room temperature (RT) probes of a factor of 2 to 3 for X-nuclei from 15N to 31P.
CryoProbe™ Prodigy is designed for AVANCE III NMR spectrometers and available at 400, 500, 600 and 700 MHz.
– Revolutionary sensitivity boost at affordable surcharge
– Drastic increase in sample throughput
– Broadband technology covering nuclei from15N to 31P
– Ideal for small molecule routine labs in academia, pharmaceutical and chemical industry
– SNR gain of a factor 2–3 on X-nuclei
– SNR gain of a factor of 2 or more on 1H/19F channel
– X Observe & Inverse detection in full automation
– Minimum operating and maintenance costs and long service intervals

CryoProbe™ Prodigy