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The D8 DISCOVER X-ray diffractometer features a new, pioneering diffractometer design for true plug & play operation, making the instrument ideal for changing needs, multiple user environments and high-end research. With available multi-purpose and dedicated solutions.

  • Unrivaled portfolio of sources, optics, stages, and detectors
  • SNAP-LOCK mounting for fast, high precision exchange of optics
  • Automatic recognition and configuration of beam path components in real time

D8 Discover for IP-GID: State-of-the-art in-plane grazing incidence diffraction (IP-GID) capabilities, this XRD solution perfectly covers the full range of all thin-film analysis applications.

D8 Discover for Stress: Fastest and most flexible residual stress system accommodating large, heavy samples with the speed and mapping capability that only large 2D detectors can provide.

D8 Discover for HTS: High Throughput Screening (HTS) using either reflection or transmission geometry. Unmatched data quality and collection speed.

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D8 Discover