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Axiom™ Precision Medicine Research Array

The Axiom Precision Medicine Research Array (PMRA) is a broad and powerful genotyping resource for researchers driving deeper scientific insights into a variety of important health questions related to common and rare inherited diseases, genetic risk profiling, immune response, pharmacogenomics research, and many other areas associated with precision medicine.

Highlights of the Axiom Precision Medicine Research Array:

  • Genome-wide association study (GWAS) variants
  • Clinically actionable variants
  • Variants to cover immune function, autoimmune diseases, and inflammatory diseases and response
  • Pharmacogenomic variants
  •  Functional variants
  • Cancer common variants
  • Blood phenotype variants
  • Fingerprint/sample tracking variants

The PMRA may be customized with de novo markers or markers selected from the Axiom Genomic Database of genotype-tested markers.

Array format: 96-array plate

Axiom Precision Medicine Research Array
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