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Axiom™ Asia Precision Medicine Research Array Kit

The Axiom Asia Precision Medicine Research Array (PMRA) is a comprehensive imputation-aware genotyping array with more than 750,000 markers. The high-value content on the array is associated with both common and rare diseases for clinical research and disease association studies in East and South Asian populations. This array kit includes the 1×96-format array plate, as well as an Axiom 2.0 Reagent Kit and Axiom GeneTitan Consumables Kit.

The Asia PMRA is ideal for longitudinal cohort studies in precision medicine initiatives, bio-banking, translational research, direct-to-consumer applications, and clinical trials in drug discovery. Markers on the array were selected for the highest genomic coverage from 1000Genomes Project Phase III. Additional gene variants were chosen from broadly referenced public databases, including ClinVar, NHGRI-GWAS catalog, CPIC, PharmaGKB, and PharmaADME.

Highlights of the Asia Precision Medicine Research Array Kit:

  • Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) imputation module of >540,000 markers from South and East Asian populations
  • Broad coverage of common and rare variants associated with human health
  • Minimum order size is one kit consisting of one 96-array plate, associated Axiom reagents, and GeneTitan MC consumables sufficient for 96 samples
  • The array can be customized with 50,000 markers without affecting the imputation accuracy, or it can be fully customizable as required

Content and coverage of the Axiom Asia Precision Medicine Research Array can be found in the Data Sheet below.

Array format: 96-array plate or 24-array plate

Axiom Asia Precision Medicine Research Array
Axiom Asia Precision MedicineResearch Array
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