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Axiom™ Canine HD Array

The Axiom Canine HD Array was designed as part of the Expert Array Design Program. The array was developed by screening over 2000 samples using the Axiom Canine Genotyping Array Sets A and B. The samples covered over 50 breeds and were carefully selected with appropriate pedigree to maximize polymorphic content. The array offers over 710,000 markers for validation and discovery of variants associated with specific phenotypes. The content on the array was aligned with the CanFam3 reference genome.

Features of Axiom Canine HD Array:

  • Over 710,000 markers with legacy content from in-market arrays including new variants
  • Functional variants of biological relevance
  • Intergenic variants based on newly available long non-coding RNA (lnc RNA) data
  • miRNA variants
  • Breed-specific markers
  • Over 150 disease and trait specific markers

Applications of Axiom Canine HD Array:

  • Genome-wide association studies
  • Veterinary research
  • Direct-to-consumer applications
  • A model organism to aid understanding of complex human diseases such as cancer and diabetes

Array format: 96-array plate
Axiom™ Canine HD Array
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