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Axiom™ myDesign™ Custom Genotyping Arrays for Agrigenomics

Axiom™ myDesign™ Genotyping Arrays are fully customizable panels that can be optimized with the most relevant genomic markers for your fine mapping, candidate gene, and SNP validation studies, as well as for developing your own focused panels for routine screening. 

Consistent supply and fast turnaround times

  • Get 100% identical SNP content with every order and for as long as your research necessitates
  • No SNP dropouts. All SNPs designed on the array are accessible every time

Flexible formats

  • Validate your sequencing SNP discovery with a screening array, then select the most informative SNPs to design an array for downstream routine high-throughput genotyping 
  •  Include markers for multiple species on the same array
  • Multiplex between 1,500−675,000 SNPs per array at an affordable price, and get more information for your investment
  • 96- and 384-array layouts for applications ranging from SNP discovery to routing testing


  •  Low sample commitment of 480 samples to fit your budget
  •  Reorder custom arrays for as few as 192 samples to complete your study

myDesign Genotyping Arrays include:

  • Axiom 2.0 Reagent Kit for automated or manual processing of up to 96 samples or Axiom 2.0 384HT Reagent Kit for processing 384 samples
  • A fully automated workflow with validated robotics methods for target preparation and array processing based on the Beckman Biomek™ FXP Target Prep Express System and a GeneTitan MC Instrument

Axiom™ myDesign™ Custom Genotyping Arrays for Agrigenomics
Axiom Genotyping Arrays for Agrigenomics