FOSS announces the release of targeted-adulteration

FOSS announces the release of targeted-adulteration models allowing milk-testing centers to program test instruments to screen raw milk samples for known sources of milk adulteration.

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Testing for adulteration can be time-consuming and expensive. The targeted models improve both these aspects by exploiting existing test equipment and infrastructure. The models are for MikoScan™7. CombiFoss™ and FT+ analysers which are already widely used by milk-testing centers around the globe for testing of raw milk quality.

  • The new models complement an existing un-targeted model that allows detection of any abnormalities in general. Accordingly, milk-testing centers can now screen for possible adulteration and then use the targeted tests to zoom-in on specific sources.
  • The sources might be due to deliberate or accidental contamination in the dairy supply chain.
  • Examples include sodium hydroxide that can occur due to insufficient rinsing after cleaning of equipment or melamine added to increase the apparent protein content with the intention of gaining higher payment for milk deliveries.

Integrated into existing quality control system

Practical solution exploiting existing infrared analytical technology

Practical solution

“Screening can now be performed simultaneously with normal quality control checks, allowing it to be Integrated into the well-established milk testing infrastructure with the aim of continuously raising the bar on milk quality with benefits across the supply chain.”

~Christina Lindstorff, Global Head of Raw Milk Testing~FOSS


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