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Axiom™ Salmon Genotyping Array

Axiom Salmon Genotyping Array for Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) was designed under the Affymetrix Expert Design Program in collaboration with The Roslin Institute (University of Edinburgh), Edinburgh Genomics, Landcatch Natural Selection Ltd., University of Stirling, and University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom.

The array interrogates more than 130,000 polymorphic variants that were discovered through three different sequencing methodologies. Axiom Salmon Genotyping Array provides extensive information on polymorphisms across the salmon genome.

The high marker density on Axiom Salmon Genotyping Array ensures a broad coverage of the salmon genome and avoids underrepresentation of important regions of the salmon genome. This is a significant improvement over existing Atlantic salmon genotyping tools.


Features of Axiom Salmon Genotyping Array:

  • Diverse content – More than 130,000 SNPs evenly spaced across the genome with preference given to transcribed regions. The array includes 4,714 markers from public sources and 87 Y chromosome-specific probes for accurate gender determination.
  • Multiple breeds represented – Farmed Scottish and Norwegian and wild Scottish, Irish, Norwegian, and Spanish populations

Applications of Axiom Salmon Genotyping Array:

  • Complex trait research – GWAS, fine mapping of QTL affecting economically important traits in salmonids
  • Molecular breeding – association mapping and genomic selection, improved accuracy in aquaculture breeding programs, gender determination via Y chromosome-specific probes
  • Population and evolutionary genetics – distinguish between fish of different origins, differentiate farmed and wild populations

Array format: 96-array plate

Axiom Salmon Genotyping Array
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