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NIMBUS™ Target Preparation Instrument

The NIMBUS Target Preparation Instrument is industry-recognized for its high-end manufacturing and superior pipetting performance at an affordable price.

Axiom™ 96-sample automated target preparation

We have automated the target preparation steps for the Axiom 2.0 assay, including DNA amplification, fragmentation, purification, resuspension, hybridization preparation, and stain preparation for the GeneTitan™ MC Instrument.

The Axiom target preparation on the automated liquid-handling workstation helps minimize run-to-run variability and the labor burden associated with complex manual pipetting, helping to improve test reproducibility and laboratory efficiency.

Pipetting technology

The NIMBUS Target Preparation Instrument represents the latest in compact, high-speed automated multi-channel pipetting. It features a 1 mL 96-channel multi-pipetting head for plate-based pipetting using a combination of capacitance-based liquid level detection and pressure-based liquid level detection for unparalleled performance.

Custom-designed robotics

The NIMBUS Target Preparation Instrument, co-developed with Hamilton Robotics, features an automation deck optimized for use with the Axiom assay protocol and an automated workflow that is compatible with Axiom 2.0 Reagent Kits. The on-deck thermoshake, cooling block, and customized trash chute provide convenience and support for assay robustness. The compact size allows the flexibility to place the instrument on virtually any benchtop.


The NIMBUS Target Preparation Instrument is provided with a Dell™ laptop computer that is powered by an easy-to-use interface. The high-resolution visual display and simple on-screen instructions provide simple visual cues throughout assay progression.

NIMBUS™ Target Preparation Instrument