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Axiom™ Ovine Genotyping Array (50K)

The Applied Biosystems Axiom Ovine Genotyping Array (50K) provides the power and resolution to enable a wide range of applications in sheep breeding, including breed assignment, parentage verification and discovery, and traceability and monitoring of polymorphisms of known large effect. The Axiom Ovine Genotyping Array includes markers that were selected by the International Sheep Genomics Consortium, with markers derived from three separate sequencing experiments. The array content is augmented with additional markers for parentage testing and traceability in globally diverse breeds of sheep. These include 163 highly informative parentage markers (MAF ≥0.3) in 48 +5 breed groups that enable accurate parentage testing and traceability in many of the world’s sheep breeds.

Features of Axiom Ovine Genotyping Array:

  • Expert design—developed in collaboration with Donagh Berry at Teagasc, Animal and Grassland Research and Innovation Center, Ireland
  • Exceptionally high quality SNPs with excellent call and concordance rates across platforms and laboratories
  • Includes SNPs for parentage as well as other traits including scrapie
  • Compatible with Sheep Consortium 15K arrays and thus with previous studies

Applications of Axiom Ovine Genotyping Array:

  • Parentage verification and discovery
  • Genome-wide associations following accurate imputation to higher density panel
  • Breed assignment, mating designs, traceability
  • Monitoring of major genes, accurate genomic evaluations
  • Aneuploidy detection—early detection of such abnormalities enables identification of animals that are not suitable parents for the next generation
  • Measurement of genetic diversity including calculation of genomic inbreeding statistics

Array format: 384-array plate
Axiom™ Ovine Genotyping Array (50K)
Axiom Genotyping Arrays for Agrigenomics