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Axiom™ Precision Medicine Diversity Array Plus Kit

The Axiom Precision Medicine Diversity Research Array (PMD Research Array) is a comprehensive imputation-aware genotyping resource designed to drive deeper scientific insights into complex disease susceptibility, pharmacogenomics (PGx), and genetic factors underlying wellness and lifestyle in diverse populations to advance population genomics studies. It offers >850,000 markers selected for high genomic coverage from the 1000Genomes Project Phase III. Additional gene variants were chosen from broadly referenced public databases, including ClinVar, NHGRI-GWAS catalog, CPIC, PharmaGKB, and PharmaADME.

The PMD Research Array is ideal for bio-banking, longitudinal cohort studies in precision medicine initiatives, clinical and translational research, and clinical trials in drug discovery.

This array kit includes the 1×96-format array plate, Axiom 2.0 Plus reagents, and Axiom GeneTitan Consumables Kit. The Axiom 2.0 Plus reagents include primers for the gene-specific amplification step which enables access to alleles with known relevance to drug metabolism.


Highlights of the Axiom Precision Medicine Diversity Array Plus Kit:

  • Clinically relevant variants with emphasis on variants in ACMG59 genes
  •  Over 5,000 variants in over 1,100 genes of known PGx value including CPIC Level A variants
  • Accurate genotyping of highly predictive markers in genes including CYP2D6, CYP1A2, CYP2B6, CYP2A6, SULT1A1, CYP2C19, and CYP2C8 that are in highly homologous regions with known relevance to drug metabolism. The array offers haplotypes and diplotypes for PGx variants in translation tables and includes Star Allele Nomenclature as part of the standard deliverables.
  • Blood phenotyping variants for blood typing and bleeding disorders
  • Customizable—the array can be customized with up to 50,000 markers without affecting the imputation accuracy, or it can be fully customized as required

Content and coverage of the Axiom Precision Medicine Diversity Array Plus can be found in the Data Sheet below.

Array format: 96-array plate

Axiom Precision Medicine Diversity Research Array
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