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Axiom™ Rice Genotyping Array

Axiom Rice Genotyping Array offers comprehensive genomic coverage, which allows researchers to easily assay the natural variation of rice varieties worldwide to identify genes underlying important phenotypic traits (e.g., high yields), to understand genetic sources of variation, and to differentiate cultivars for fingerprinting and classification purposes.

Axiom Rice Genotyping Array includes 42,961 markers from GeneChip™ Rice 44K Genotyping Arrayand 5,499 markers from a whole-genome SNP array (RICE6K) for genomic breeding in rice.

Features of Axiom Rice Genotyping Array:

  • Content is backwards compatible with older data based on 44,000 makers from GeneChip Rice 44K SNP Genotyping Array
  • Detection of common genetic variants within and between the major subpopulations of rice, including indica, aus, tropical japonica, temperate japonica, and group V (‘aromatic’)
  • Efficient progeny screening in rice breeding with markers identified by Yu et al.


  • Complex-trait research
  • Flexible and fast identification and classification of germplasm
  • Identification of high-yield variants
  • Genome-wide association mapping and tracking of disease genes
  • Molecular breeding
    • Allows for fingerprinting rice germplasm, genotyping bulked segregating pools, checking seed authenticity, and selecting genetic background
    • Enables genetic variation analysis of any O. sativa strain
    • Offers information for polymorphisms between indica and japonica subspecies as well as varieties within indica and japonica groups

Array Format: 96-array plate
Axiom™ Rice Genotyping Array
Axiom Genotyping Arrays for Agrigenomics