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OncoScan Assay Services

Discover new biomarkers for diagnosis, prognostics, or predictive research by looking at whole-genome copy number changes

Tumors usually arise from normal cells with tissue-specific acquired mutations or aberrations in their genomic materials. With OncoScan services, you can easily access these aberrations from your formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples. 

We offer two options:

  • OncoScan CNV Services – high-resolution, genome-wide copy number profiling
  • OncoScan CNV Plus Services – same outstanding copy number coverage as OncoScan CNV Services, plus a somatic mutation panel of 74 mutations in 9 genes (BRAF, KRAS, EGFR, IDH1, IDH2, PTEN, NRAS, TP53)  

Experience the convenience of the Applied Biosystems Microarray Research Services Laboratory (MRSL)just send in your DNA. MRSL has processed thousands of the most challenging FFPE samples with a pass rate of greater than 92 percent, and the lab has the quality systems in place to handle your project with the highest standard of care and excellence. Take advantage of our expertise and receive data of the highest quality with the OncoScan CNV and CNV Plus Services.

Please contact us for more information about any of these services.