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Axiom™ Porcine Genotyping Array

Axiom Porcine Genotyping Array (Axiom_PigHDv1) for pig genotyping was designed through the Affymetrix- Expert Design Program by Dr. Martien Groenen at Wageningen University, Netherlands, and Dr. Alan Archibald at The Roslin Institute, United Kingdom.

Axiom Porcine Genotyping Array is available in 96-array format and includes 658,692 markers discovered using whole-genome sequence data from 210 animals covering a broad range of commercial and non-commercial pig breeds that were selected for their relevance to world-wide breeding programs.1 Powered by Axiom Genotyping Solution, the array offers the highest data completeness, call rates, and reproducibility of any technology available today.

Features of Axiom Porcine Genotyping Array:

    • Expert design: developed by key opinion leaders in the porcine community
  • High resolution
  • 658,692 markers on the array
  • Equal spacing on chromosomes
  • Bias towards common variants
  • 56,000 of the most informative markers from an existing in-market 60,000 marker array, allowing compatibility with previous studies
  • High diversity: includes markers from a diverse set of commercially relevant breeds, including rare/traditional breeds

Applications of Axiom Porcine Genotyping Array:

  • Construction of high-resolution genetic maps
  • Genetic improvement of pure lines
  • Fine mapping of quantitative trait loci
  • Developing training populations for calculating breeding values with genomic selection models

Array format: 96-array plate
Axiom™ Porcine Genotyping Array
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