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DSR-M Dissolution Sampling Robot for Semi-Automated Dissolution Testing

The DSR-M automated dissolution sampling robot is designed specifically for the sample transfer and sample processing from a 6 to 8 (DSR-M8) or a 12 to 13 (DSR-M13) vessel dissolution bath. This unique and versatile instrument allows collecting, dilution and/or processing samples over very short time intervals.


  • Features integrated valve-free piston pumps for high precision
  • Modular design to allow auto media refill, dilution and transfer into sealed vials for six to twelve station dissolution baths
  • Up to 20 sampling cycles (10 cycles with dilution)
  • Less than 1% transfer error
  • Automated media replacement with CAT-MRM module without the need of separate refilling tubing lines (option)
  • Supports 0.45 micron filtration using MFC-12 manual filter changer and DSR-MVS valve station (option)
  • Sampling sequences are programmed direcly at the Pharma Test dissolution bath
  • Stand-alone mode available to support third party dissolution bath