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PTFC-2/8 Fraction Collector for Semi-Automated Tablet Dissolution

The PTFC-2/8 fraction collector can be attached to any Pharma Test dissolution bath. Using either a peristaltic-, syringe- or a valve-less piston pump, the dissolution media is directly sampled into covered glass vials inside the sampling dish of the PTFC-2/8. The PTFC-2/8 supports dissolution bath with up to 8 vessels.


  • Up to 20 sampling sequences (PTFC-16 up to 10)
  • PTFC-2/8 can be used with any 6-8 vessel dissoltion bath (PTFC-16 with 12-14 vessels)
  • Auto media refilling using E-VEN pinch valve system (option)
  • Uses either a peristaltic or piston pump
  • Sampling sequences are programmed directly at the Pharma Test dissolution bath
  • Stand alone mode available to support third party dissolution baths