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CytoScan™ XON Assay Kit

The Applied Biosystems CytoScan XON Suite is an exon-level copy number solution that provides the sensitivity and flexibility required to improve and complement the analysis of important variants for clinical research. It is designed to cover the whole genome, with an increased focus on 7,000 clinically relevant genes.

Sensitive exon-level copy number and superior coverage across the whole genome

The CytoScan XON Suite detects single-exon deletion and duplication events with high sensitivity in key relevant genes in addition to providing whole-genome coverage. The single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) probes allow sample tracking, duo/trio, and loss of heterozygosity (LOH) analysis.

Smart design improves resolution in key genes

The CytoScan XON Array content was designed through empirical selection from a pool of over 49 million probes for copy number responses across the genome. The best performing probes were selected to cover key genes and the exons within them. Any gaps were filled with additional probes flanking 500 bp from the targeted region ensuring that each exon contains enough probes to make a reliable call.

Gene-level tier analysis

Gene-level tier analysis is incorporated into the user-friendly ChAS software, providing a novel and flexible approach where the software provides results by gene-level tiers based on clinical research relevance. This unique functionality allows visualization of CNVs for a targeted number of clinically relevant genes (level 1) or expands the gene-level tiers for a whole-genome view. Thus, the user determines the gene-level tiers of interest for analysis and reporting.

The CytoScan XON Assay Kit contains arrays and reagents sufficient for 24 reactions. Customer training is required for the CytoScan XON Assay. 
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