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CytoScan™ Optima Suite

Approximately 50% of miscarriages are caused by chromosomal abnormalities. Traditional cytogenetic techniques such as karyotyping and FISH are limited by cell culture failure and usually lack the appropriate sensitivity.

CytoScan™ Optima Suite has been designed with input from the cytogenetics community worldwide and empirically optimized from CytoScan HD Suite. CytoScan Optima Array offers whole-genome coverage for accurate detection of chromosomal abnormalities with increased probe coverage targeting 396 relevant regions for prenatal and miscarriage applications.

CytoScan Optima Suite provides whole-genome coverage and higher resolution in key genetic regions to enable the detection of whole-chromosome aneuploidies and submicroscopic gains and losses, loss/absence of heterozygosity (LOH/AOH), triploidy and maternal cell contamination, and low-level mosaicism. 

CytoScan Optima Suite includes 24 CytoScan Optima arrays, reagents, and easy-to-use free of charge data analysis software for a cost-effective analysis of your prenatal and product of conception (POC) samples.

CytoScan Optima Suite
CytoScan cytogenetics suite