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Axiom™ Equine Genotyping Array

Axiom Equine Genotyping Array (Axiom MNEC670) for equine genotyping was designed through the Expert Design Program by Affymetrix in collaboration with the University of Minnesota and members of the Equine Genetic Diversity Consortium.

Axiom Equine Genotyping Array is a novel array and the only array that can be used for genotyping 20 different breeds. It offers maximum utility for research in equine genetics. It features 670,796 markers that were selected through a screening of 2 million markers for optimal genomic coverage of known genetic diversity among domestic horse breeds. Powered by Axiom Genotyping Solution, the array offers the highest data completeness, call rates, and reproducibility of any technology available today.

Features of Axiom Equine Genotyping Array:

  • Expert design: developed by key opinion leaders in the equine community
  • High resolution: available in 96- array format; supporting a wide range of genotyping applications for equine research

Content of Axiom Equine Genotyping Array:

Axiom Equine Genotyping Array includes a total of 670,796 markers:

  • Approximately 400,000 markers between population tag SNPs
  • Approximately 200,000 markers within population tag SNPs
  • Approximately 70,000 SNPs from legacy arrays
  • Additional SNP density within the equine major histocompatibility complex

Applications of Axiom Equine Genotyping Array:

  • Complex trait research: genome-wide analysis and fine mapping, diversity analyses, genomic prediction of disease risk
  • Molecular breeding: association mapping, improved efficiency of breeding programs, selection signature analyses

Array format: 96-array plate
Axiom™ Equine Genotyping Array
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