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CytoScan™ HD Suite

Exceptional performance-coverage without compromise

CytoScan HD Suite provides the broadest coverage and highest performance for detecting chromosomal aberrations. CytoScan HD Suite has greater than 99% sensitivity and can reliably detect 25-50kb copy number changes across the genome at high specificity with single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) allelic corroboration. With more than 2.6 million copy number markers, CytoScan HD Suite covers all OMIM™ and RefSeq genes. Our proprietary manufacturing technology produces arrays that are highly reproducible between each batch with no risk of probe dropout inherent in bead manufacturing techniques. Surpassing the limitations of current database curations, the whole-genome array ensures that novel findings can be catalogued for future discoveries and annotations, which are often missed by targeted designs.

High-density SNPs with >99% genotype accuracy

Enables low-level mosaicism visualization, absence of heterozygosity (AOH) and acquired UPD (aUPD) detection, copy number change confirmation, triploidy detection, allelic imbalance pattern visualization, genomic contamination identification, trio consistency checking,and parent-of-origin analysis.

The broadest range of sample types supported – including POC and FFPE

CytoScan HD Suite supports several different sample types for cancer and constitutional cytogenetic research analysis, including blood, bone marrow, buccal, saliva, fresh and frozen tissues, DBS cards, direct/cultured cells, amniocytes, and products of conception (POC), fresh and formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded non-archived samples among others.

CytoScan™ HD Suite includes 24 CytoScan HD Arrays, CytoScan Reagent Kit, the easy-to-use free of charge Chromosome Analysis Suite (ChAS), and the proven GeneChip™ Instrument System.
CytoScan HD Suite
CytoScan HD Suite
CytoScan cytogenetics suite