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Axiom™ Porcine Breeders Array

The Applied Biosystems Axiom Porcine Breeders Array includes markers focused on genomic selection of commercial porcine breeds, including Large White, Landrace, Duroc, and Pietrain. Core markers for the array were selected from markers on the Axiom Porcine High-Density Array that were evaluated using samples from multiple commercial and domestic breeds, including European wild boars. The inclusion of the most informative and well-performing markers from existing porcine arrays ensures that this array can be used for comparison with data generated by previous studies. With the availability of the Axiom Long Format Export Tool, which converts Axiom array data into long format, the array also provides the ability to continue existing projects with no change to the current bioinformatics infrastructure and pipeline.

Features of Axiom Porcine Breeders Array:

  • 55,150 markers for genomic and trait selection
  • 42 trait-specific markers selected by United States Department of Agriculture
  • 64 parentage markers, including ISAG core markers
  • Evenly distributed SNPs across the porcine genome
  • Marker annotations aligned to Sscrofa10.2/susScr3 genome and dbSNP 148
  • Targeted for commercial breeds including Large White, Landrace, Duroc, and Pietrain

Applications of Axiom Porcine Breeders Array:

  • Parentage analysis
  • Identification of economically important traits
  • Genetic improvement of pure lines

Array format: mini-96 array plate
Axiom™ Porcine Breeders Array
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