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CytoScan™ 750K Suite

Whole-genome coverage: best value

CytoScan 750K Suite enables cytogenetic researchers to detect and analyze relevant chromosomal aberrations with confidence. CytoScan 750K Suite provides high-resolution coverage of cancer and constitutional genes of interest, along with high-density SNP coverage for loss of heterozygosity (LOH) detection.

The CytoScan 750K Array provides a cost-effective solution that delivers industry-leading performance. The array, reagents, and software were developed with input from the international cytogenetics community to deliver an intuitive platform for fast and reliable detection of chromosomal aberrations.

High density SNPs for heterozygosity determination

CytoScan 750K Array includes 200,000 gene-centric SNPs to enable confident breakpoint estimation, 5 Mb loss of heterozygosity (LOH) determination and detection of uniparental iso-disomy (UPD) and regions identical-by-descent.

Chromosome Analysis Suite (ChAS) Software: designed by cytogeneticists for cytogeneticists

The popular ChAS Software is tailored to cytogenetic research analysis and reporting. The software is available free of charge as part of the complete CytoScan 750K Suite.

The complete CytoScan 750K Suite includes 24 CytoScan 750K Arrays, CytoScan Reagent Kit, easy-to-use Chromosome Analysis Suite (ChAS) Software.

CytoScan 750K Suite
CytoScan cytogenetics suite