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Clariom™ D Assay, mouse

Clariom™ D assays, mouse were previously known as GeneChip™ Mouse Transcriptome Array 1.0 (MTA 1.0.)

Accelerate your biomarker discovery from deep within the transcriptome with Clariom D assays, the next-generation of transcriptome-level expression profiling tools.

Get all the data you need.

  • Rapidly identify complex disease signatures using >214,000 transcripts sourced from the largest number of public databases, the most comprehensive coverage of the mouse transcriptome.
  • Confidently detect genes, exons, and alternative splicing events that give rise to coding RNA and lncRNA isoforms.
  • Detect rare and low-expressing transcripts otherwise not detected by common sequencing approaches.
  • Go from data to insight in minutes with intuitive, highly visual, free analysis software.

When you have precious samples, get it right the first time.

  • Utilize RNA from various sample types including blood, cells, and fresh/fresh-frozen tissues.
  • Preserve sample integrity and reduce data variability with an assay that does not require a globin or rRNA removal step.

The Clariom D assay, mouse is available in a single sample (cartridge array) format for use on the GeneChip™ 3000 instrument system and include reagents and fast, simple Transcriptome Analysis Console (TAC) software to analyze and visualize global expression patterns of genes, exons, pathways, and alternative splicing events.

The Clariom D Assay, mouse is also available in Pico format. You may contact us for more information.

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