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ION REPROSEQ™ PGS Kits for the Ion S5 Systems

The Ion ReproSeq PGS Kit for the Ion S5 System provides all the reagents and materials necessary for a rapid, cost-effective, and comprehensive next-generation sequencing (NGS) workflow for aneuploidy analysis. When used with an Ion S5 sequencing system and Ion Chef System for automated template preparation, the kit enables a simple, end-to-end workflow for the detection of aneuploidies in all 24 chromosomes for research labs interested in reliably assessing pre-implantation embryo biopsy samples.

Using as little as 6 pg of DNA from a single cell, or input from multiple cells, the Ion ReproSeq PGS Kit for the Ion S5 System enables accurate detection of whole chromosome and chromosome arm copy number events (down to 17 Mbp copy number events*) in as little as 10 hours**. Three kit configurations provide comprehensive sample throughput flexibility enabling cost-effective screening of 16, 24, or 96 samples per run. When combined with analysis using Ion Reporter v5.4 or later, data interpretation is enhanced with new functionality such as mosaicism detection, gender masking, and improved data plotting.

**Sample to analyzed results turnaround time for the Ion ReproSeq PGS Kit with Ion 510 Chips (16 samples/run) is 9.6 hours.