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Axiom™ Genome-Wide Human Origins 1 Array

Axiom Genome-Wide Human Origins 1 Array is a unique genotyping panel optimized for population geneticists that has been designed in collaboration with leading investigators, solely for studying human history, migration, and natural selection. The Array has genomic markers from 11 different modern human populations and archaic hominids. Each marker has been cleanly ascertained in samples of known ancestry, is well annotated and genotype-tested, enabling robust statistical analysis and avoiding the confounding biases that can be introduced by use of GWAS arrays for population genetic studies.

Benefits of Axiom Genome-Wide Human Origins 1 Array:

  • Establishes a common set of ~629,000 SNPs that can be typed in diverse populations
  • Includes markers from 11 modern human populations, making it a valuable tool for population geneticists and evolutionary biologists as well as for consumer genomic firms that offer ancestry testing
  • SNPs were selected from sites with read coverage from Neanderthals, Denisovans, and chimpanzees, enabling the users to compare data from modern humans to archaic hominids and apes
  • Includes SNPs that were cleanly ascertained and well-documented, overcoming the limitations and drawbacks of SNP arrays otherwise designed for use in medical genetics and GWAS studies
  • Each marker is high-quality and genotype-tested for high sample pass rate, call rate, and reproducibility
  • Supports diverse sample inputs including blood, saliva, cell line, and whole-genome amplified DNA
  • Compatible with the Axiom 2.0 Reagent Kit, GeneTitan MC Instrument’s automated or manual workflow, and Axiom Analysis Suite

Array format: 96-array plate
Axiom® Genome-Wide Human Origins 1 Array