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ADS 610 Fully Automated Tablet Dissolution Testing System

A typical automated dissolution system ADS610 is composed of: a 8 vessel dissolution bath type PTWS610, EPE auto sampling system, Tablet Drop Magazine with incorporated evaporation proof vessel cover design, ITMIndividual Temperature Monitoring System, PTFE tubing installation, Peristaltic or Piston Pump, a T70 UV/VIS split-beam spectrophotometer or any other suitable UV/VIS spectrophotometer such as the SA 500 Diode Array Spectrophotometer with a built-in Multi-Cell Changer (6, 8 or 16 cells), WinDiss32  (fully 21CFR part 11 & GAMP compliant) software and a control PC system.


  • System composed of PTWS 610 dissolution bath, spectrophotometer and pump
  • Closed loop operation
  • Controlled by WinDiss32 software package