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ProFoss™ Inline NIR Analyzer

ProFoss™ is unique in employing a near infrared-based analysis technology known as High Resolution diode array analysis. The High Resolution technology ensures accuracy and reliability with measurements based on a high density of data points. This can be installed at-line and in-line within the process flow. 

Accurate and continuous results 

Measurement accuracy is in line with traditional laboratory analysis. However, results are presented continuously rather than a few times per day giving the opportunity for immediate adjustments to production. This together with the dedicated feed sample interface ensures you a total solution optimal for your process. 

ProFoss™ streamlines your manufacturing process with: 

  • High resolution diode array technology for accurate and continuous analysis 
  • Built-in instrument standardisation for quick and simple implementation 
  • Dedicated sample interfaces providing accuracy and rapid implementation 
  • Instant measurement of complete wavelength range for direct measurement of fast-moving samples
  • Quantitative and qualitative data for better in-line process control 
  • Consistent and uninterrupted analytical accuracy with Dual lamp backup technology 

Robust and low maintenance operation 

The ProFoss system keeps on running to ensure high uptime and minimal impact on daily production. Once calibrated, there is no need for constant adjustments caused by drift or other weaknesses. The high stability of the High Resolution technology ensures the same accuracy day in and day out without hidden operational costs

Applications: Feed and Raw Materials, Sugar, Meat