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Labtec Line Digestors

The Labtec DT 208 & DT 220  basic Digestion  systems for Kjeldahl analysis consist of a  digestion unit and a tube rack. The digestion units are insulated to minimize heat transfer to the surroundings and allow fast, even heating, thus giving good working conditions as well as saving energy. They are designed for batches of  either eight (DT 208) or twenty test tubes (DT 220).

The Labtec Digestors have a built in, user definable, time and  temperature controller and display. The temperature and time for the digestion are selected on the front panel. All other  procedures,Including operation of a connected scrubber, are then performed by the operator once the digestion unit has reached the selected temperature. The unit can be upgraded with a range of accessories that reduce handling hazards with minimum bench space, such as a manual lift system to position the tube rack, Scrubber and exhaust above the digestion unit.

Labtec™ Line Digestion Systems