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Oncomine BRCA Research Assay

The Oncomine BRCA Research Assay uniquely empowers laboratories to detect all classes of mutations in one NGS workflow, removing the need to employ multiple technologies. It enables robust performance and reliable, rapid and consistent high-quality results from every sample.
Based on proven Ion AmpliSeq technology
Fully qualified on clinical research samples
Requires as little as 10 ng DNA input
Provides 100% exonic coverage, including flanking intronic sequences (average of 64 bases in either direction), superior uniformity, and high reads (average is >600)
Detects 5% and below minor-allele frequencies
Flexible workflow enables full automation
Detects large indels and exon or whole gene deletion or duplication events
Oncomine BRCA Research Assay workflow
The Oncomine BRCA Research Assay workflow is flexible in allowing manual or automated template preparation followed by sequencing using the Ion PGM or Ion S5 systems. Sequencing data are analyzed using Ion Reporter™ Software, a tailored bioinformatics solution that enables easy implementation and use in every laboratory.