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MilkoScan™ FT2 Dairy FTIR Analyser

The MilkoScan™ FT2 builds on the key benefits of the MilkoScan family of instruments with advanced features and functionality. It is designed for both the laboratory and the production environment. A powerful flow system can pump a variety of sample types including some viscous samples undiluted.  New software features improve both daily operations and traceability and provide new opportunities to test milk for adulteration. MilkoScan™ FT2 allows you to analyse all liquid dairy products, from incoming milk and milk standardisation to final liquid dairy products with high performance. This analyser is ideal in the laboratory or at-line in harsh production environments. Analysis time is approximately 30 seconds per sample.
Sample type: Milk, cream, whey, concentrated whey, ice cream, desserts, fermented products and concentrated milk
Parameters: Fat, protein, lactose/reduced lactose, total solids, SnF, FPD, total acidity, density, FFA, citric acids, casein, urea, sucrose, glucose and fructose