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Ion AmpliSeq™ Exome RDY Kit

Catalog number: A38262
The Ion AmpliSeq Exome RDY Kit enables the fastest and simplest method of exome enrichment, now even easier with oligo pools for ultra-high multiplex PCR exome enrichment dried down in a 96-well plate. With half the number of target amplification pipetting steps compared to the original protocol and the elimination of small pipetting volumes, exome libraries can now be produced with unparalleled ease in under six hours with less than 50 minutes of hands-on time. Also, the Ion AmpliSeq Exome RDY Kit is compatible with the Ion Library Equalizer Kit for ease in library normalization. Leveraging the ultra-high multiplex PCR approach of Ion AmpliSeq technology with template preparation on the Ion Chef System and sequencing on an Ion Proton or Ion S5 System, the Ion AmpliSeq Exome RDY Kit allows for rapid sequencing of key exonic regions of the genome, going from DNA to variants in just two days.

The Ion AmpliSeq Exome RDY Kit 1×8 configuration includes the following components for eight exomes (two exomes per Ion PI v3 chip or Ion 540 Chip, and four exomes per Ion 550 Chip):
Ion AmpliSeq Exome RDY panel: dried down oligo pools/primers in one 96-well plate with all eight rows filled (1×8), for ultra-high multiplex PCR enrichment of the exonic regions of the genome
Ion AmpliSeq Library Kit Plus (8 exomes) for robust library preparation of Ion AmpliSeq Exome libraries using Ion AmpliSeq technology

The Ion AmpliSeq Exome RDY Kit enables you to:
Simplify exome enrichment through the combination of dried-down primers and the Ion AmpliSeq workflow, with less than one hour of hands-on time and less than six hours total time
Accelerate your disease research with rapid exome sequencing—DNA to variants in just two days
Access affordable exome sequencing—no need to wait and batch dozens of samples or otherwise spend the high price of a lower-throughput run
Maximize sequencing efficiency due to high performance specifications—designs covering >97% of the Consensus Coding Sequences (CCDS), >90% base on-target, and >90% coverage uniformity
Identify annotated, filtered variants without bioinformatics expertise through fully integrated analysis with Torrent Suite and Ion Reporter software