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Infratec NOVA Grain and Flour NIR Analyser

Infratec™ NOVA is officially approved and established worldwide as the standard for determining protein, moisture, oil and starch. Unique ANN calibrations built on harvest data comprising over 50,000 samples, enable analysis of any type of sample with outstanding accuracy. Monitor and control instruments with networking tools and access remote diagnostics for rapid problem solving. Optional modules for flour analysis, test weight and flexible sample handling are available.

Infratec™ NOVA can test grain at rates up to 20% faster than other NIR solutions. It is the official system used for payment by bulk grain handlers around the world and has a number of approvals for trade purposes.

Sample type

Grains, flour, oilseeds, beans and pulses. Most grains or oilseeds can be analysed directly without any grinding or sample preparation

Wheat, barley, corn, rice and other cereals, oilseeds, beans and pulses, flour and meals, beer, spirits and more. 


Moisture, protein, oil, test weight, starch, wet gluten, fiber, ash and many more.

Infratec NOVA Grain and Flour NIR Analyser