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FOODSCAN™ Meat and Dairy Analyser

FoodScan™ 2 is the “gold standard” NIR analyser that offers compositional analysis for Meat and Dairy customers. It is available in three variants: FoodScan™ 2 Lab, FoodScan™ 2 Lab TS (touch screen), and FoodScan™ 2 Pro. It is a versatile analyser which can be used for many purposes: checking incoming raw material, supporting process control of more production lines, and final product control. 

FoodScan 2 is typically relevant for medium and large size plants and offers rapid analysis with less than one minute per sample. The analyser offers a range of calibration packages to support compositional analysis for various Meat and Dairy applications. It is very easy to use, offering an auto-lid function and can be connected to a network to secure precision and performance as well as to allow automatic backup of data for traceability and easy LIMS integration of results.


Sample Type Parameter (FOSS Calibrations)
Raw Meat and Meat Products

Meat, ground meat, processed meat, finished products

Global ANN calibrations: Fat, Protein, Moisture, Collagen, Salt and Ash

Other calibrations: Saturated Fat, Carbohydrates, Energy, Sodium, Water Activity

Other Functionalities: 

Colour measurement (CIE L*a*b standard color)

Batch Standardization

Dairy Products

Cheese, butter, spreads, fermented and cultured products


Global ANN calibrations: Fat, Moisture, Protein, Salt, Solids-Non-Fat (calculated), and Total Solids 

PLS calibrations: Saturated Fatty Acids in Cheese, pH in Fermented Products

Other Functionalities:

Color measurement (CIE L*a*b standard color)

FoodScan 2 Meat Solution
FoodScan 2 Dairy Solution