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Hydrotec 8000

The HydrotecTM 8000 total fat solution, consisting of an extraction unit, a hydrolysis unit and a FOSS Hydrocap single filter system, allows you to perform total fat analysis in one integrated procedure.

Unique patented filter system
The unique, patented HydrocapTM filter avoids sample transfer and reduces the risk of human error.
Laboratory costs are dramatically re- duced and higher sample throughput improves cost effectiveness.
Hydrotec 8000 can be used together with a Soxtec 8000 or ST255 Soxtec extraction unit

Sample type
Raw materials, intermediates and finished products in food, animal feed and pet food

Total fat

Fully automated acid hydrolysis

ISO 1444:1996 meat and meat products
ISO 11085:2008 cereals, cereals-based products and animal feeding stuffs
ISO 6492:1999 animal feeding stuff

Hydrotec 8000