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Flaskscrubber Vantage Series Glassware Washers

FlaskScrubber® Vantage® Series Glassware Washers have specialized features for contamination-sensitive research. They are designed to wash and dry narrow-neck and general purpose glassware.

  • Fully Programmable – Select water temperature, detergent and rinse aid amounts, wash and rinse times, and number of rinses.
  • Native Memory – Stores both factory preset and user set programs for reproducible protocols.
  • Exportable Data – RS-232 port allows documentation of settings and actual wash conditions.
  • Viewing Window with Light – See each cycle in progress.
  • High Temperature – Up to 199° (93°C) water removes lipids and sanitizes glassware.
  • Multiple Rinse Programs – Program up to 6 purified water rinses.
  • Forced air drying  – 99.97% efficient HEPA filter removes airborne particulates.