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CombiFoss™ 7 / CombiFoss™ 7 DC Milk Analyser

CombiFoss™ 7 provides raw milk testing for 19 parameters in 6 seconds, including somatic cell count (SCC) and differential SCC. Seamless integration of MilkoScan™ 7 RM (FTIR) and Fossomatic™ 7 / 7 DC (Flow Cytometry) in one analysis unit.
Sample type:
CombiFoss™ 7: Raw milk (cow, goat, sheep, buffalo)
CombiFoss™ 7 DC: Raw milk (cow)
Somatic cell count, differential somatic cell count, fat, protein (true & crude), casein, lactose, solids (TS & SnF), urea, citric acid, free fatty acids, fatty acids profile, freezing point depression, pH, ketosis screening, untargeted raw milk screening (adulteration screening), fatty acid origin.