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Oncomine™ Colon cfDNA Assay

Catalog number: A31182
The Oncomine™ Colon cfDNA Assay is part of a complete solution to detect colon (or other related gastro-intestinal) tumor-derived DNA (ctDNA) in cell-free DNA (cfDNA). It provides the reagents for library construction and a single pool of multiplex PCR primers for preparation of amplicon libraries from cfDNA obtained from the plasma fraction of a single tube of whole blood.

The assay enables the analysis of single nucleotide variants and short indels that are frequently mutated in colon/gastro-intestinal cancers. Fourteen genes with >240 hotspots are covered (Genes: AKT1, BRAF, CTNNB1, EGFR, ERBB2, FBXW7, GNAS, KRAS, MAP2K1, NRAS, PIK3CA, MAD4, TP53, APC). Through the use of tag sequencing technology, a limit of detection (LOD) down to 0.1% can be achieved.

Optimized short amplicon design for fragmented cfDNA (~170 bp in length)
Detection of both single nucleotide variants (SNVs) and hotspot indels down to 0.1% LOD
Very high sensitivity and specificity, enabling extremely low levels of detection with minimal false positives
6 samples can be run on an Ion 530™ Chip, reducing overall sequencing costs
Efficient workflow, from a single tube of blood to results in just 2 days