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Ion AmpliSeq™ Microbiome Health Research Kit

Ion 540 bundle
Catalog number: A46496

The Ion AmpliSeq Microbiome Health Research Kit is a targeted NGS assay for characterizing the human gut microbiome, which has been implicated in human disease. The assay consists of two pools of Ion AmpliSeq oligonucleotide primers and associated reagents to generate amplicon libraries for NGS on Ion Torrent platforms. The assay targets multiple hypervariable regions in the 16S rRNA gene, as well as 73 species-specific sequences associated with human diseases, such as gastrointestinal and immunological disorders, including those linked to potential efficacy of immune-modulatory drugs. With this kit, DNA isolated from human stool samples is used to generate libraries for templating and sequencing on the Ion S5 and Ion Chef systems.

Features of the Ion AmpliSeq Microbiome Health Research Kit include:
Simple—full sample-to-answer solution consisting of an easy and robust workflow including analysis software
Robust—enables profiling of the human gut microbiome with excellent sensitivity, specificity, and reproducibility
Comprehensive—enables accurate taxonomic profiling and relative abundance estimation targeting eight of nine 16S hypervariable regions of 16S rRNA gene and accurate detection of 73 key bacterial species associated with human disease
Efficient—enables screening of 32 samples multiplexed on a single Ion 540 Chip, with entire workflow typically completed in three days, including analysis
Sensitive—compatible with as little as 1 ng input DNA for 16S rRNA Gene Pool and 10 ng for Target Species Pool

This product bundle includes an Ion AmpliSeq Microbiome Health Research Kit, an Ion 540 Kit – Chef, and Ion 540 Chips. It provides reagents and materials for a cost-effective and comprehensive, targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) workflow for highly sensitive, specific, and robust characterization of human gut microbiome from stool samples. This bundle provides a cost-effective screening of 256 samples with the Ion 540 Chips and a full analysis solution providing optimized informatics and visualization.