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BSA Series Analytical and Top Loading Balances

It features a winning combination of Sartorius’ legendary technology, an abundant package of features and options, and an operating design that enables especially efficient operation.

BSA is a lab balance you can rely on, one that will work perfectly over the years, delivering accurate results day in and day out.

The new top-end models of the BSA precision balances deliver outstanding price | performance, with weighing ranges of 1 mg to 620 g and 10 mg to 6,200 g.

All BSA-CW balances come standard with an internal, motorized calibration and adjustment weight. Just touch the CAL key, and the balance will calibrate and adjust automatically.

BSA balances offer you a wide selection of built-in application programs, such as weighing in

percent, animal weighing, mass unit conversion by toggling and counting.

BSA Series Analytical and Top Loading Balances