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VITLAB® TA2 Dispenser

The new Dispenser VITLAB® TA2 is the dispensing instrument of choice for fulfilling the strictest purity requirements for trace analysis. A special cleaning procedure, well proven in practice, is employed prior to the use in trace analysis, making it possible to operate in an extremely contamination-free manner.

  • The parts that are in contact with media are made of various fluoroplastics (e.g. ETFE, FEP, PFA, PTFE), Al2O3-sapphire, platinum-iridium or tantalum (depending on model)
  • The release of trace metal content can be kept in the low ppb, and depending on application, even in the ppt range
  • Exchange valve spring: A platinum-iridium or tantalum valve spring can be used, depending on the application
  • A field-tested cleaning process to employ before use in trace analysis is described in the instruction manual
  • Outstanding chemical resistance, especially to aggressive media such as highly concentrated acids and alkalis, hydrogen peroxide, hydrofluoric acid, and bromine
  • Modular structure for simply dismantling while cleaning and for replacing the dispensing cartridge

Available in 1.0 to 10 ml range with platinum-iridium or tantalum spring.

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