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Vacutherm Vacuum Ovens

Excellent heat transfer and fast heating up minimize operation time. Key Features are: User-friendly Kelvitron™ microprocessor (jacket-heated ovens) or Digicon multi-channel controller (shelf-heated ovens). Analog pressure display.  Overtemperature sensor protects oven and sample. Double-pane safety glass doors. Stainless-steel vacuum fittings, tubing and ball valve. Inert gas connection with precision valve and overpressure safety valve precisely releases non-flammable, non-toxic gasses. Standard DN25 access port in rear wall

Jacket-heated Models

  • Operate at temperatures up to 200°C

Shelf-heated Models

  • Operate at temperatures up to 300°C, on option even up to 400°C
  • Ensure an optimum heat transfer