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Maximus Series Humidity Chambers

Specifically developed, designed and manufactured for shelf-life or stability testing of drugs, health supplements, cosmetics, food, chemicals, packaging materials, components and others.

Using the latest technologies in environmental generation, distribution and control, this equipment operates in accordance to the requirements of ICH guidelines or other international standards.

Chamber Features:

  • Unique thermodynamics and air flow design for unparalleled temperature & humidity uniformity.
  • High efficiency circulation fans for fast temperature & humidity recovery after door opened.
  • Corrosion free stainless steel internal and external finishing.
  • LCD display and membrane keypad to simplify operation. Alarms are clearly displayed on screen.
  • External door with lock and key to secure from unauthorised access.
  • Air tight glass door and compression lock to prevent temperature & humidity fluctuation when external door is opened.
  • Refrigerant system fault indicator lamps to ease user maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Thermostat protection for heater and humidifier circuit.
  • Proprietary PID controller for precise temperature & humidity control.