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Locator Plus Rack and Box Systems

Economically store up to 6,000 samples in the Thermo Scientific™ Locator™ Plus Rack and Box System that makes sample retrieval simple and consumes minimum liquid nitrogen.


  • Compact design to minimize space requirements while maximizing storage capacity
  • Suited for both manual and computerized inventory record-keeping methods
  • Outstanding temperature uniformity: samples are stored below -180°C, even when less than 2″ (5cm) of liquid nitrogen remains in the vessel
  • Audible alarm that sounds when nitrogen level falls below safe range; dry remote alarm contact for remote monitoring
  • Advanced vacuum insulation to minimize liquid nitrogen evaporation and reduces operating costs
  • Secure locking to prevent unauthorized entry

Locator 4 Plus and Locator 8 Plus:

  • With level monitor
  • Outside Dia.: 55.8cm; Height 100.3cm

Locator Jr. Plus:

  • Without Level Monitor
  • Outside Dia.: 55.9cm; Height: 67.9cm

Locator 6 Plus:

  • Without Level Monitor
  • Outside Dia.: 66cm; Height :100.3cm


Stated vial capacity assumes 1.2/2mL Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Cryogenic Vials


Indexed stainless-steel racks designed for use with 2″ (5cm) Nalgene™ Cryogenic Boxes (larger racks available for storage of 5.0mL ampules in Locator Jr. Plus and Locator 4 Plus). Available with or without Liquid Nitrogen Level Monitor (optional, factory-installed monitor can also be purchased separately).


Thermo Scientific Nalgene Cryogenic Boxes (order separately)