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Barnstead Labtower EDI Water Purification System

Stock high purity water safely and conveniently with the integrated 100L reservoir of the Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ LabTower™ EDI Water Purification System.

Two systems in one:

  • Unique systems with pretreatment plus polisher to produce both Type 1 and Type 2 water.
  • Type 2 water is stored in the integrated 100L high purity water reservoir.
  • Water system sits on top of the reservoir, saving critical bench space.

Ready to use:

  • Feed water pressure switch, all filters and cartridges, sterile filter, all come in one package.

Two ways to draw water:

  • Water quality is measured immediately prior to the dispensing point and ultrapure water dispenses directly from the system via the dispenser with sterile filter.
  • Type 2 water is accessible from the reservoir, which is an ideal supply for lab equipment such as autoclaves.

Performance for your application feeds:

  • High performance reverse osmosis module is paired with an EDI module and polisher cartridge.
  • System offers two systems to choose from with capacities of 15 and 30L per hour.

Compact, stylish, mobile:

  • Free-standing unit takes up no bench space.
  • System is easily relocated using bottom-mounted rollers.

Safe operation:

  • Microprocessor control allows automatic operation.
  • System offers continuous monitoring of all critical parameters.
  • Recirculation pump protects purified water from bacterial growth during standstill.

GLP-compliant documentation:

  • Real-time clock and code-protected operating system prevents unauthorized changes to system settings.
  • RS-232 interface with adjustable send-interval allows safe data transfer of all measured data, faults, date and time to a PC computer or log printer.
  • Digital microprocessor control automatically monitors and stores faults from the last four weeks.
  • USP-complying conductivity measurement with temperature compensation can be switched on or off.
  • 100L Integrated polyethylene reservoir safely stores Type 2 water.
  • Automatic water recirculation in the reservoir moves water across a special polisher module ensuring fresh.

Type 2 water on demand:

  • High purity water reservoir outlet allows convenient drainage.
  • Efficient cleaning and disinfection are enhanced by conical bottom design for completely emptying reservoir.
  • Integrated reservoir provides 100L of purified water storage.
  • Sterile vent filter and reservoir overflow prevent internal contamination by microorganisms from the surrounding air.
  • Optional CO2 absorber prevents CO2 adsorption into the water, which would increase the TOC.
  • System includes highly visible reservoir volume display on LabTower controller.
  • User can customize volume stored in the reservoir via the controller.

Optional Hand Dispenser

  • Gain increased flexibility by adding a hand dispenser with 3m cord (Part #50138221)